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A Website Development Company
Hanover, PA
Building a better World Wide Web one website at a time.
MartinWEB is dedicated to providing a platform for open-source education. Although we are a small company, our size will not be the limitation of our effort, but the fuel for our expansion.

With the help from a like minded community, one day we will meet our goal of turning the worlds knowledge into a user friendly, free global educational database.
        In the dawn of the Information Age, we find our lives moving away from the traditional industrialized society of the past and into a computerized global data infrastructure. With the ever growing demands of the Internet and the World Wide Web, the speed of communication is quickly spreading across every corner of the world. From a small village, to a massive metropolitan city, every human-being should be given the right to learn and explore this grand collection of knowledge. With this as our main concern, the power we share must be provided without the stipulation of wealth but based on the want of an individual's need for self education.

Revenue Model
• Donations – Because we are a young company, we have decided to accept donations from users and/or organizations. As we grow, we feel it best to move away from the idea of collecting funds through donations and rely on the income created from the later parts of our Revenue Model. We do feel that donations are continually going to be a part of our company; as we become self sufficient and profitable to pass portions of our income along to other companies and organizations; providing the assistance and economic help to allow these entities to prosper with their dreams. We also will continue to promote the companies and organizations that we feel are valued assets to the world; providing links on our website to connect easily with others who share our ideals.

• Company Owned Websites – Every day we are building, designing and developing websites under the MartinWEB umbrella. We base these websites on the morals and restrictions of our company in the hopes of providing services to fill the worlds needs. These websites will be designed as 'For Profit' and will be the main basis of our companies income; fully owned or profit sharing with Partners, as set forth in our companies guidelines.

• Advertising – As we continue to grow and amass a collection of Company Owned Websites, we will begin providing Targeted Advertising. To provide the best quality of advertising to our customers and users, we will only provide this service when we feel it to reach the greatest of standards; providing analytics and educational material to customers to better understand the reach of direct marketing.